August 09, 2022

To strengthen capacity building and training activities on DRRM for various stakeholders, the Interim National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Training and Research Institute (NDRRMTRI) has transitioned from provisional to full activation last June 15, 2022, The NDRRM TRI has three divisions: the (1) Training, Education, and Curriculum Development Division (TECDD) which serves as its training arm in preparation, administration, facilitation, and development of DRRM related training and education programs; (2) the Training and Education Research Policy and Standards Development Division (TERPSDD) which task is to formulate, implement, standardize, and develop DRRM research plans, programs, and activities, and all DRRM education-related studies; and (3) Knowledge Management System (KMD) which is in-charge with the development, management, documentation, and communication of all DRRM-related IEC materials and knowledge resources for public consumption.

The institute is in the middle of the development of the Education and Training Program (ETP), through focus group discussions and validation meetings together with the NDRRMC member agencies.

The ETP seeks to build linkages between the NDRRMTRI and the Learning Service Providers and standardize all DRRM-related training course programs integrating the NDRRMETP and CDETP. A Knowledge Management System is also being developed. Meanwhile, the selection criteria and process for the NDRRMTRI Board of Trustees (BOT) who will govern and direct the institute, handle its legal requirements, and ensure that the organization upholds its mandate were also established. The BOT Manual, containing the Board’s core functions and responsibilities, was also created.

The NDRRMTRI is also engaging in partnership programs and activities. The institute recently partnered with the Israel Embassy for an online seminar entitled "Emergency Preparedness Solutions and Technologies for the Philippines" that was attended by officials and personnel from the OCD, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), various government agencies, and local government units.

Another partnership activity was conducted between the OCD and UNICEF on the conduct of the “Child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Exchange and Consultation Workshop” that aims to harmonize child-centered DRR and CCA Knowledge products, institutionalizing children, and youth participation in DRR and CCA, and promoting resilience using online platforms. Earlier, in 2016, the Memorandum of Agreement between the Office of Civil Defense, the executive arm of the NDRRMC, and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority was executed for the ten hectares land in Capas, Tarlac for the facility that will house the NDRRMTRI.

Last February 19, 2021, NDRRMC issued a resolution approving the National DRRM Training Institute (NDRRMTRI) and its interim activation. The resolution approved the structure of the institute and the creation of a Technical Working Group for the development of activities and initiatives.

The said resolution also recognizes the transformation of the Capacity Building and Training Service of OCD into Disaster Preparedness Service, having its training functions transferred to the NDRRMTRI.

Republic Act 10121, Section 9, orders for the establishment of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Training Institute that is mandated to train public and private individuals, both local and national on DRRM. Starting last December 2021, a series of consultations were held with the Department of Public Works and Highways and BCDA for the establishment of the NDRRMTRI facility. The said meetings tackled the crafting of the Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design plan in Capas, Tarlac. Currently, the institute’s office is located inside Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, in Quezon City.