PR 04202020

The Office of Civil Defense that leads the distribution of medical equipment such as face masks, protective coverall suits, gloves, goggles, and other supplies, would like to stress that all equipment sets are being distributed directly to various health institutions. The agency assures that donations and other procured items by the government are being ­­received by intended beneficiaries as it uses a strict monitoring system for its distribution.

Days ago, the agency has received some reports of misleading posts. One of which was a photo of PPEs being unloaded from a military aircraft used by a netizen for business purposes, claiming that the items in the photo which are intended for distribution to hospitals are for sale. The OCD condemns the said act as well as the other disinformation which aim is to advance a personal interest.

The Office of Civil Defense ensures that donations and other procured items are properly managed as it upholds transparency and efficient arrangements. However, if the agency discovers any irregularities, it assures the public that appropriate actions towards people involved will be given and appropriate charges will be made as warranted.

OCD once again calls on public to be cautious, check sources, and refrain from sharing unverified information. Meanwhile, the agency has launched a section for COVID-19 donations on its website, in which public can access the list and other further details of donations.