pr rrms 06FEB2020

To ensure proper planning and implementation of rehabilitation and recovery activities in areas affected by the eruption of Taal volcano, government agencies gathered on Tuesday, 04 February 2020, to identify priority programs, plans, and activities that would become part of the rehabilitation plan.

Attended by leaders from the national, regional, and local government, the meeting served as a venue to discuss the steps on rehabilitation and recovery planning considering the initial damage assessment and needs analysis and effects on the macroeconomy.

Among the interventions initially identified to assist in the areas’ rehabilitation and recovery were the following: provision of fishery inputs, rice, corn, cassava and livestock for the Agriculture and Fisheries sector; sustainable livelihood programs and assistance to damaged enterprises for the Tourism and Livelihood sector; new settlements and the repair of damaged houses; relief assistance, supplementary feeding programs, and the provision of medicines; construction of evacuation centers; and the rehabilitation of damaged national roads and bridges.

Meanwhile, an interim housing program was launched by the Provincial Government of Batangas the families affected by the eruption, particularly those living in the volcano island. This is located in Barangay Malainin and Talaibon in the town of Ibaan.

The meeting oriented the agencies on the formulation of the Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan and later assembled the participating agencies into five (5) major sectors, namely of Agriculture and Fisheries, Tourism and Other Livelihood Activities, Housing and Settlements, Social Services, and Physical Infrastructure. This further intensified interagency coordination to identify their short and long-term plans, programs and activities in light of the continuous Taal rehabilitation and recovery actions.

The meeting concluded with the highlight on the needed continuing commitment of each agency towards the immediate rehabilitation and recovery of the areas affected by Taal eruption. Undersecretary Adoracion Navarro presided over the event, and it was organized by the Committee on Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC)-CALABARZON, joined by the Office of Civil Defense Rehabilitation and Recovery Management Service (OCD-RRMS). It was held at the NEDA Region IV-A Building in Calamba City.