Regional DRRM Council CALABARZON is on its way to creating a new, better, and more robust CALABARZON Regional DRRM Plan for the next three years--after completing its RDRRM Plan 2013-2016 Review through a 2-day workshop on 20-21 April 2016 at Makiling Highlands Resort, Calamba, Laguna.

Led by OCD CALBARZON, the workshop’s main objective was to review and assess the accomplishments of the four thematic areas—Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Rehabilitation and Recovery—through the achievements of the member regional line agencies and the local government units from 2013-2016 in comparison with the target outputs and outcomes of the RDRRM Plan.

Though one of the workshop’s main objective was to examine what the Council had accomplished for the said review period, Ms. Maria Corazon De La Paz, Chairperson of Balay Rehabilitation Center’s Board of Directors and head facilitator and resource person for the workshop, emphasized that the Council should pay greater attention to what have not been attained in the RDRRM Plan. Ms. De La Paz expounded that these non-achievements are the Council's areas of improvement which should be prioritized and should be factored in during the formulation and implementation of the next RDRRM Plan’s outputs and outcomes.

She further pointed out that by identifying and analyzing the underlying causes of the bottlenecks that deterred the accomplishments and operationalization of some target outputs and outcomes, the Council would be able to develop innovative strategies that seek to address those root problems. The Council would also be able to adjust the approaches of the Plan that capitalizes on the specific strengths of the respective agencies and LGUs.

Chairperson of RDRRMC IV-A and Regional Director of OCD IV-A Vicente F. Tomazar, during his closing remarks, thanked and congratulated the Council for its accomplishments for the past three years but reiterated that so much more is needed to be done for the advanced development of the region.

The outputs of this review workshop will be utilized during the planning and writeshop for the new RDRRMP, which will be conducted by OCD IV-A in the coming months.