OCD 5 and the Sorsogon Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office conducted a joint Pre-Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) for Mt. Bulusanat the Municipality of Casiguran, Sorsogon Province on 18 March 2016. The PDRA Meeting was conducted to assess the current status of Mt. Bulusan relevant to the volcano’s recent phreatic explosion last February 22, 2016. Bulusan was still on Alert Level 1 since May 1, 2015 due to its consecutive phreatic explosions and volcanic activities.

Meanwhile, the meeting was followed by the distribution of Non-Food Items (NFIs) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) led by the OCD 5Regional Director Bernardo R. Alejandro IV. The Municipalities of Irosin, Juban, Casiguran, Bulusan, Barcelona and Gubat received NFIs containingtowelette and sakoline and PPE such as safety goggles and hard hat. Further, the said items were received by the focal representatives of the respective Municipal DRRMOfficers for its proper storage and prepositioning.

Thus, the prepositioning of these PPE and NFIs are among the initiatives of OCD5 for the disaster preparedness measures for Mt. Bulusan.