Legazpi City- The Bicol University Emergency Paramedic Training Unit holds a final test for the one hundred trainees before they graduate for the Emergency Medical Technician- Basic Training Course. A Bombing, Stampede and Fire Drill were held on 14 March 2016 at Bicol University High School Department Grounds which was participated by students and trainees in order to test what they have learned during the course.

OCD 5 as the lead implementer in capacity building initiatives for disaster and emergencies in Region 5 was invited to evaluate the drills which were represented by Mr. Ezequiel Dumaguin and Ms. Bea Tresvalles. According to Dumaguin on his evaluation, the trainees have maximized what they have learned during the span of the course, hence, suggests strengthening of the knowledge on the process of Incident Command System through periodic conduct of drills to instill its mechanism. In addition, Dumaguin provided some technical pointers and recommendations to enhance capacities of the trainees.

The EMT Basic Course is a thirty-day course offered by Bicol University. The Drills conducted were a final test for the trainee’s graduation on15 March 2016. The activity aims to observe the coordination and command during the scenarios, organize a mass casualty management and resource management, ensure the safety of the responders and victims and management of scenarios.